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Take part in wild kart races with Tux


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If you are looking for a good, fun and easy-to-play kart racing game then you will be very interested in reading about this game.

SuperTuxKart is a free and open source multiplatform kart racing game in which you have to help Tux, the penguin that characterizes the GNU/Linux operating system, win all the kart racing world championships.

Even though the game was originally designed to get Tux to reach the top podium in the kart racing championships, now you can also choose from among 10 other characters related to the famous penguin.

You can choose to compete in three different game modes: championship, race, and time trial.

Plus you can also use some special 'help' to aid you in winning the races. If you like kart racing and you want to have some fun then you should try out SuperTuxKart.

Repository: ppa:stk/dev Architecture: i386

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